Developer's Statement

Binosaurs aims to advance the reach and understanding of Decentralized Finance by serving as a protocol to educate, entertain, and provide opportunities to traders of all kinds. Our objective is to build a clean project, one based in trust and transparency. We believe that standing with the community and providing for the best interests of the project is the only way to see real, true success. As this experimental atmosphere has evolved, it is clear to see that the trust mechanisms for these projects must be free of any developer intervention.
Simply put, if a project relies on human influence or decision, the concept is not decentralized. We believe in putting great code and decentralization at the forefront of the project and you won’t find any hidden tricks or proxy contracts on this token. While on the surface it may appear to be a simple dinosaur cartoon, the reality of the liquidity generator gives the project the potential to reach the goals of every great project before Binosaurs.
If we as a community can catch viral success, the growth potential for Binosaurs is of the likes of SafeMoon, Shiba Inu, and other moonshot success stories. With an average daily trading volume of nearly $4 Billion, launching on Binance Smart Chain presents a tremendous opportunity to catch people’s attention across the globe. As the project continues forward, we’ve developed a three-point plan to educate new buyers, entertain seasoned participants, and provide liquidity reflection opportunities for every single person who wants to follow the story of the Binosaurs.

The Bino Story - Who are the Binosaurs?

In a metaverse where time, space, and currency have all be redefined, there's only open possibilities. The Binosaurs reside in a world where each individual Binosaur is free to live, trade, and play how they see fit. Through the power of decentralization, these crypto-trading dinosaurs live in a world run not by government or authority, but a world in which order is commanded through the power of smart contracts and code. Each Binosaur has its own unique story, abilities, and appearance. As we build upon the metaverse and introduce the community to new Binosaurs, you'll get the chance to learn and explore alongside your favorite characters.
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