Binosaurs is a blockchain game built upon the Binance Smart Chain. Collect rare Binosaurs, play exciting games, experience adventure in Binoville, and earn reflections just by playing!


🔒 100% True Ownership

Every NFT that you own is yours and stored on the Binance Smart Chain. You've got the ability to trade, exchange, or transfer it to anyone, anytime you'd like.

🏪 NFT Marketplace

Trade your Bino NFTs across a wide range of marketplaces, including our very own that's under construction!

🦖 Prehistoric Club

Join the most exclusive club in Binoville...just by holding a Prehistoric Club Binosaur. Simply having the NFT in your wallet gets you 3% lifetime weekly token rewards and exclusive access to behind the scenes features!

⚡ Adventure Awaits

With a Play2Earn game in development, adventure is just around the corner in Binoville. From custom avatars, to pets, to in-game ERC1155 collectibles, the open world of Binoville is on the horizon.



Last modified 8mo ago
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